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Getting the new electric roti maker for your kitchen is the best decision you’ll ever be making. With a non-stick base, it’s designed in such a way that you’ll be making perfect fluffy and round roti, every single time. The electric roti maker is so easy to use, you’ll never go back to making roti the old way, ever again.

  • Roti Maker in Pakistan flattens bales and makes Rotis, Chapati, flat bread and other unwraps in minutes.
  • Non stick cooking plates heat up quickly and distribute heat evenly to make perfect Roti, chapatti, flat breads etc.
  • Thermostats allow you to control the heat of the cooking plates.
  • Professional cool touch top handle press makes flattening easy.
  • Non stick cooking plate release Roti easily and can be wiped clean easily with a cloth.
  • Roti Maker saves much time and energy.
  • It is easy for us to operate.
  • As compared to traditional cooking, its technology is latest and upto date.
  • Its heat keeps it at certain required level for different parts of Roti.
  • We can work on it without fear of electric shock and hands burning.
  • It is slim in look, smart in size and portable in use. Its ON/OFF system is automatic and remains ever ready for light.
  • Its power consumption factor is most economic and affordable for everyone i-e 1 unit per Hour.
  • It is most suitable for professional chefs and cooks.


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ڈسکائونٹ مال کی جانب سے کراچی، لاہور، راولپنڈی، اسلام آباد، فیصل آباد، حیدرآباد، کوئٹہ، پشاور، آذاد کشمیر، پورے پاکستان میں آن لائن شاپنگ اب نہایت مناسب قیمت پر وہ بھی فری ہوم ڈیلیوری کے ساتھ اور پیسے بھی ڈیلیوری کے ٹائم پر ادا کریں، کوئی ایڈوانس پیمینٹ اور کوئی ایکسٹرا چارجز نہیں ہیں۔
ڈیلیوری ٹائم: بڑے شہروں میں 2 سے 4 دن میں اور گائوں، دیہات میں 3 سے 5 دن میں (علاوہ سرکاری چُھٹیوں کے)۔

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